Hail To the Chief! President Joe Biden Closes Speech with ‘God Save the Queen, Man’.

Photo credit: AP. President Joe Biden speaks at the National Safer Communities Summit at the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Conn., Friday, June 16, 2023. The summit is attended by gun safety advocates, local leaders and families impacted by gun violence. 
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By Editor-June 17th, 2023.

Joe Biden ended his speech on gun control yesterday, by proclaiming ‘God Save the Queen’!

Netizens, journalists and experts are still trying to figure out exactly what Biden meant by God Save The Queen, and to which Queen he was referring. Was it Queen Victoria, the late Queen Elizabeth II, or maybe Queen Camilla, or perhaps even to some other non-British royal family?

Joe Biden is known for his awkward moments during public appearances in the recent past. On Friday, it was no different as the US President left the audience befuddled after he strangely ended his speech on gun control at the University of Hartford’s campus in Connecticut. In the end of the speech, Biden Said: “God save the Queen, man”.

Late on Friday, deputy White House press secretary Olivia Dalton informed reporters that Biden “was commenting to someone in the crowd,” but she didn’t clarify further.

“God Save the Queen” was the name of the British national anthem under Queen Elizabeth II. After her death, her son King Charles III ascended to the throne and the anthem was reverted to “God Save the King.”

On Friday, Biden’s speech was aimed at his call for new laws to ban AR-15-style semiautomatic rifles and high-capacity magazines and to make gun owners responsible for the unsafe keep of their weapons.

“If any one of you drove up to the parking lot here today, got out of your car, left a key in your car and a kid comes along — 13-14 years old — gets in your car, takes it on a joyride and kills someone — guess what? You’re liable,” said Biden.

“Why should that not be the case if you don’t lock your weapon?,” he added.

Meanwhile, Twitter users speculated about Biden’s signing off with “God save the Queen, man”. Many users used hilarious memes and made jokes on Biden’s bizarre utterance.

“Maybe he meant Dairy Queen. Where they have ice cream,” joked one user.

“Did someone hopefully tell him he’s in the US??? Pathetic!,” posted another Twitter user.

“Joe Biden ends his speech in Connecticut by saying God save the queen man, then hurriedly walks off the stage.Maybe he doesn’t remember the queen is dead and that America ceased to be a British colony. This is the guy trying to fight with Putin and Xi Jinping,” tweeted another user.

At the completion of the speech BIden appeared to attempt to run off the stage, fuelling further speculation about his gait abnormalities and neurological conditions. Recently Biden fell to his knees when attempting to make a similar exit stage right.

Sources: BBC, news agencies.


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