Haiti Goes Hungry As US Embassy Arranges Flight For US Citizens To Escape Via Cape Haitien.

Photo: Pexels. Much of the countryside of Haiti is arid and barren, and imported food is needed.
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About 1.4 million Haitians are close to starvation, and more than 4 million require food aid, sometimes eating only once a day or nothing at all, aid groups say and many are clamoring at food distribution points for soup and rice.

“Haiti is facing a protractive and mass hunger,” Jean-Martin Bauer, Haiti director for the United Nations’ World Food Program, told The Associated Press. He noted that Croix-des-Bouquets, in the eastern part of Haiti’s capital, “has malnutrition rates comparable with any war zone in the world.”

Bauer and other officials said that the gangs are blocking distribution routes and paralyzing the main port, and that WFP’s warehouse is running out of grains, beans and vegetable oil as it continues to deliver meals.

Only a few aid organizations have been able to restart since Feb. 29, when gangs began attacking key institutions, burning police stations, shutting down the main international airport with gunfire and storming two prisons, releasing more than 4,000 inmates.

The violence forced Prime Minister Ariel Henry to announce early Tuesday that he would resign once a transitional council is created, but gangs demanding his ouster have continued their attacks in several communities.

A plan to create a transitional presidential council is moving forward. Most of the Haitian parties and coalitions submitted the names of those charged with finding new leaders for the country, Caribbean officials said earlier this week.

“It is all up now to the Haitians as they are the ones who want a Haitian-led solution,” Surinamese Foreign Minister Albert Ramdin told The Associated Press. “We hope this is a breakthrough for Haiti.”

However, Jean-Charles Moïse, who leads the Petit Desalin party and has allied with former rebel leader and convicted money launderer Guy Philippe, has said his party would not join the council.

It wasn’t immediately clear what would happen to the position rejected by Moïse.

On Saturday, the U.S. State Department said it is arranging a charter flight for Americans who want to leave Haiti. They must have a valid U.S. passport and fill out a form on the department’s website.

The flight is to leave from Cap-Haitien on Haiti’s northern coast, and travel to Cap-Haitien is at passengers’ own risk.


Sources: VOA, AP, BBC.


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