Haiti Hospitals Attacked And Doctors Killed By Gangs.

Photo: LittleT889. A hospital in Haiti's second city of Cap Haitien on a misty day.
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Haiti’s healthcare system in Port au Prince is on the point of complete collapse as gang violence has left no hope for the treatment of victims. According to liocal media reports, several hospitals were set on fire and doctors murdered by gang members, while medical supplies were also stolen.

As a result of this, Haiti now has only one operational public hospital in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. Mackynzie Archer, a consultant advising leading medical NGOs in Haiti said, “The healthcare system in Port-au-Prince is basically nonexistent,” adding that the situation is deteriorating quickly.

The spiralling violence has forced the US to start charter flights from Haiti to evacuate its citizens. A charter flight carrying dozens of US citizens from violence-hit Haiti landed in Miami Sunday (Mar 17), said State Department officials. The government-chartered flight carrying 30 US citizens landed at the Miami International Airport. This comes after the US embassy in Port-au-Prince earlier this month urged all Americans to leave the country amid spiralling gang violence.

“It’s just terrible … The suffering, you can only imagine,” a passenger of the flight was quoted as saying by local media. “Haiti is my homeland and it’s very stressful to see the homeland going through this act of violence, destruction … and they are our neighbours,” they added.

The Port-au-Prince Airport has already been shut down due to ongoing gang attacks that have engulfed the nation in recent weeks, exacerbating the risk of famine.

Reports from government and aid agencies over the weekend highlight incidents of aid supply looting as the crisis deepens.

According to a report by the UN food agency, nearly 4 million people in Haiti are facing food insecurity and hunger due to a wide range of factors, primarily gang violence.

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A total of 360,000 people have been displaced in the country, and the number of people affected by hunger is likely to further increase to 1 million in the coming days.

Port-au-Prince has been turned into “a bubble” where gangs control the roads, the port and airport are closed and no one can get in or get out, said the UN agency.

VOA reported that UNICEF said one of its containers containing “essential items for maternal, neonatal, and child survival, including resuscitators and related equipment” were looted in the capital of Port-au-Prince’s main port, which was breached by gangs last week.

“Looting of supplies that are essential for life saving support for children must end immediately and humanitarian access must remain safe,” Bruno Maes, UNICEF representative in Haiti, said in a statement.

There are as yet no reports that leading groups in Haiti have had any success in assembling the so-called transition counsel that is supposed to take over from prime minister Ariel Henry and organize elections.

Sources: WION, VOA.
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