Hamilton doing community walk-throughs

Eugene Hamilton with members of Constituency Number Eight Group during the community walk-through on Paradise Road in Conaree.
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Eugene Hamilton with members of Constituency Number Eight Group during the community walk-through on Paradise Road in Conaree.

Eugene Hamilton, Area Parliamentary Representative for St. Christopher Eight, who is also the Minister of Agriculture, Health, National Insurance, Human Settlements, Community Development, Gender Affairs and Social Services, has embarked on a series of weekly community walk-throughs in the constituency – meeting and comparing notes with constituents.

The two-term parliamentarian, who is also the Deputy Leader of the People’s Action Movement (PAM), has observed that while in the first term he served from the opposition benches, he is now serving from the government side. PAM is one of the three parties in the ruling Team Unity Administration along with the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) and the Nevis-based Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM).

“We have just celebrated four years as a government,” said the Hon Hamilton on Wednesday evening May 15 during a community walk-through in Conaree. “I have come to make good with the people of my constituency who voted for me – that you have elected me, are you satisfied that I have been doing what you said I should do? What do you see that I can do differently or better or additionally, to be able to justify my full term in office?”

Hamilton, who was on his second community walk-through in Conaree, was accompanied by members of the Constituency Group which is made up of persons drawn from the People’s Action Movement (PAM) and the Peoples Labour Party (PLP). The first community walk-through was held on Tuesday May 7 and covered the area of Conaree Flats.

The second community walk-through commenced shortly after 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday May 15 on the location of Paradise Road. The group moved in an eastward direction and on to Conaree Terrace, northward towards the sea on Honeybrook Street, and then in a westward direction on Orchard Way, and in a southward direction on Cottage Road before returning to their starting point on Paradise Road ending at 8:45 p.m.

In most of the households where the occupants were in, the Area Parliamentary Representative would call in and talk to the persons inside. He noted that a lot of issues based on achievement of the Team Unity Administration came up.

These included removal of VAT, payment to sugar workers, the new cruise pier, the number of jets that come in on Saturdays, Old Road Bay development, rehabilitation of the Island Main Road, Unity Housing Solution, Poverty Alleviation Programme, and the Roof Repair Programme among others.

“We talked about the issues that definitely demonstrate that this is a government at work, and in four years has accomplished so much,” noted Hamilton. “I then invited those persons to make their recommendations of what they would like to see happen, and sometimes when they do not, I tell them.”

The Minister of Health confirmed: “One thing I am sure that we are going to work on before elections, in fact we will deliver, is Universal Health. Universal health for all means an opportunity for every person where they are sick, to get the service – to get the health care that they need without wondering where the next dime is going to come from to pay for such.”

The next community walk-through will be held on Tuesday May 28, also in Conaree. Hamilton advised that they will first cover the entire Conaree community before moving on to other communities in Constituency Number Eight.



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