Harris and Co. score win in MoNC case

By Loshaun Dixon

The Motion of No Confidence (MoNC) case that was brought to the judiciary by members of the Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris administration while they were in opposition has recived a judgment in their favour more than three years since it was originally filed.

The Observer understands that Justice Pearletta-Lanns made the ruling Tuesday and ruled that the constitutional rights of parliamentarians were violated by the then Speaker of the National Assembly Curtis Martin by his refusal to allow debate on Motions of No Confidence brought against the then administration.

In an interview with reporters, Prime Minister Dr Harris spoke to the matter:

“I am advised that the high court judge delivered a judgment in what is popularised as the Motion of No Confidence case. It was a case that we then as the opposition had brought against the Denzil Douglas administration for its failure to bring before the Parliament the matter to do with the MoNC.”

Harris also said that they were vindicated on all their points they brought to the high court

"I relied on the report of the attorney general and he advised me that on that matter all the points we have raised in our objection to the government were upheld the learned judge.”

A more detailed report will be made in this week’s newspaper.