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Have You No Shame?

At The Observer, we receive written submissions in varying numbers. Sometimes quite a few, sometimes very few. Each communication is different, though; some seek to score political points, some seek to offer a positive outlook and some just too weird to print.

Every once in a while, something comes in that is much more striking than others. Below is a letter brought to us by Mr. Quentin Henderson, aka The Beeman, which we are pleased to print and to comment upon.

From Mr. Henderson:

“12- year-old Mariana Matthewson was one of the younger tourists to visit Nevis this summer.  During her stay here, somebody broke into the house her parents had rented and took just the one most valuable item in the eyes of this young visitor – a small bag or purse and nothing else. (The purse is coloured beige with tan and red stripes) It contains a notebook in which Mariana had written about her dreams and some other special memories, so private, special and important to a 12-year-old child.

“Two days later this young visitor left Nevis troubled to the point of tears at the loss of something so precious in her child-life.”

“The bag was likely just dumped when it was realized there was no money, not even a laptop computer inside.”

“Should anyone find it could they hand it into Charlestown Police Station, or to me The Beeman.  Or maybe just leave it back on the verandah of the house from which it was stolen.

“Then perhaps the Nevis dreams of a 12 year old school girl in Louisiana will be happy dreams once again.”

Yes, there are a lot more serious crimes on Nevis that need investigation. Yes, Miss Matthewson will get over this incident. No world will end because of this petty thievery, no changes will come to the economic situation and, except for one saddened child, no real harm will be done.

Except, of course, the injury to the pride of the bungling, greedy, low-life, scum-infested, self-centered, sad-excuse-for-a-human-being piece of trash who carried out this sneak-thief caper.

We ask this of this sneak thief (If, of course, the thief can read; if not, maybe a friend – if you’ve ever managed to make one – will read this to you.):

Have you no shame?

Have you no sense of decency?

At long last, have you no sense of pride in yourself at all?

Understand this: You stole from a child.

Perhaps you’re still a child yourself and you think it’s all about even. Well, it isn’t because your actions have brought shame to your family, even if you’re not caught.

If you’re not a child, at least do the half-right thing and call the police or Mr. Henderson and tell them where you dumped the purse. It’s pretty unlikely anybody will come looking for you. There are bigger issues to deal with on Nevis.

If you want to do the fully right thing, take responsibility for your actions, pay your penalty and turn your life around. Let’s face it: You’ve stolen from a child and you’ve got no place to go but up.

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