Heavy Rains Send Home Students

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By Jaedee Caines

The Observer

Events were cancelled, roads were blocked, ghauts were overflowing but none of this came close to the drama that unfolded at the Charlestown Secondary School on Monday.

Last weekend’s heavy showers flooded an entire block at the school which forced postponement of those classes.

Block ‘C’ which was recently renovated houses classes 2A3, 2A4, 3A1 and 4A1, said principal of the school, Edson Elliott.

“Students were sent home for two reasons; to get them away from the damp area and to fix the problem,” Elliot said. “Bearing in mind that there are fragile kids, we didn’t want to make the situation any worse.”

Although the problem was not solved, students of those forms returned to school on last Wednesday to resume classes.

Elliott told the Observer that the block had flooded before.

“When it happened before, there were no classes inside,” Elliott said.

He said he is happy to report that the matter will be addressed as a contractor visited the site in search of ways to alleviate the problem.

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