Hector bullish on election win

By Loshaun Dixon


Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) candidate for St. Paul’s the Honourable Robelto Hector is confident that he will be able to the retain his seat as well as his party taking office in the Nevis Island Assembly elections being held today.

Hector, who spoke to the Observer while waiting to cast his vote, said that based on the turnout he has been seeing, he is anticipating a victory in his constituency.

“So far, I am confident – if the line at this time is any indication – of how it is, I think I am outnumbering him in the line and once you outnumber them in the line, you outnumber at the polls,” he said, adding that he was also confident in the representation he has provided to the people of the constituency for the past 10 years.

Hector will be aiming to keep his seat and thwart any challenge from second-time candidate Spencer Brand from the Concerned Citizen Movement.

“I have protected the town for the last 10 years and I believe the people are satisfied that I have done a good job in the representation and so I believe I will be victorious.”

Commenting on the party’s chances, Hector expressed confidence that there will be a change in government. “As it relates to the party, our policies speak clearly and I would say to you we got a short campaign, but the issues were outside there and I am convinced that a change is in the air.”