Help for Julio: Is the SKN Govt. Avoiding Its Resonsibility?

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This is Julio, he manages the Print Shop that prints the Observer.

Julio has cancer and needs money for cancer surgery and treatment.

Please help how you can.

Julio is waiting to collect payments from the St. Kitts Federal Government that he is owed for up to six months.

During The Federal and local elections, the supervisor of elections ordered the Observer to print special editions of the newspaper in order that the government could meet their statutory deadlines. Julio had to work nights and weekends to accomplish this.

The Observer has been calling for payments on a weekly basis, yet nothing!

Julio needs money. While a rich government refuses to pay small business people, Julio’s cancer rages. The doctor told him that his cancer is spreading. We wrote to Dr. Drew about money The Prime Minister’s office owes us, but he did not respond to us. The letter was hand delivered to his office.


Please help Julio in any little way that you can.

Also Call PM Drew and Attorney General Wilkin. Ask them to help Julio!

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