The Helping Hands Initiative and their partner The Seed of Promise has once again assisted the health care service in Nevis by making a timely donation to the Flamboyant Nursing Home.

During a brief ceremony Wednesday (February 28)at the Hospital,President and Founder of theHelping Hands Initiative Francine Anson handed over to the Flamboyant Nursing Home a number of toiletries, nurses scrubs , adult diapers, medical bedding supplies and food items.

Anson highlighted that the group is a charitable group whose purpose is to assist single parent families, the elderly and shut-in in whatever way possible. “We want to make an impact on the community as a whole,” she said.

The operation services18 families full-time. The headquarters for the group is located at the former Bocane Ceramics Building on Main Road in Charlestown, and currently houses a prayer center, a thrift shop and a food bank. They are opened from 9 am -4:30 pm every day and invites persons who may need assistance in gettinggroceries , clothing or other items.

Anson added that “today we decided to donate to the Flamboyant Home, one of many donations that we will be making. As we are made aware of the needs that the Flamboyant Home we would be able to make a more adequate donation,” she said.

Hospital Administrator Gary Pembertonthanked the Helping Hands Initiative for its kind gesturetowards the hospital and the Flamboyant Nursing Home.

“This is the second donationfrom the Helping Hands Initiative. They would have done a donation before and within a few months they have made a second contribution to the Flamboyant Nursing home and the Alexandra Hospital. This shows that they are committed toensuring that our senior residentis comfortable and that the nurses have what they need to make sure that the residents at the Flamboyant Home are comfortable,” he said.

Pemberton expressed his gratitude for the donation and noted that it “will go a long way in ensuring that our seniors are comfortable and that they will live a long comfortable life while at the nursing home.”