High Command Denounces False Missing Persons Poster

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At least one person was being questioned by police on Sunday in relation to the creation and dissemination of a false missing person poster similar to that of an official Police missing person poster.

Police were able to confirm that the individual named on the poster was in a good condition at home with family and the poster was a hoax.

The High Command strongly denounces acts such as this, which are meant to maliciously deceive the public, and reminds that missing person reports are serious matters with far-reaching impact and have a negative effect on families, society, and the state.

Agencies allocate large amounts of resources to these cases, police said, as every missing person report brought to their attention, officially and unofficially, is treated with the highest level of urgency and seriousness and result in the start of an investigation.

The High Command warns making false reports and/or manipulating official police material to create false documents and images will not be tolerated, and urged media houses to be vigilant by verifying information before sharing it with the public, reminding  it is procedural for the police to disseminate official information to media houses first, and be available to respond to queries.

Police are in search of additional individuals in relation to the incident. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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