Thursday, June 20, 2024

HMS Dauntless Deployed to Caribbean After Power Improvements

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The UK Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer has been deployed to the Caribbean for a range of duties after its extensive engine improvements.


The UK Royal Navy has deployed HMS Dauntless (D33) to the Carribbean after lengthy developments to the vessel’s power and propulsion systems.

Now that the type 45 destroyer has received three new engines and sophisticated power generation changes – and following intensive trials around the south coast of England – the vessel has been deployed to the Caribbean to resume its duties.

The technical advancement provided under the Programme (PIP) since September last year addressed the resilience of D33’s engines and the power generation that drives her advanced sensor suite, weapons and systems.

HMS Dauntless is the second ship of the Daring class. Together, the UK Royal Navy’s six type 45 destroyers are among the most advanced warships.

BAE Systems, the contractor fulfilling the PIP, stated at the outset of the project in 2021 that “[they] can confirm that all six type 45 ships will have undergone the PIP upgrade by the mid-2020s.

“We must however stress that the programme is dependent on the availability of ships to undertake the upgrade, balanced against the Royal Navy’s standing and future operational commitments.”

Caribbean engagements

The ship will remain in the Caribbean to respond to natural disasters during the region’s hurricane season from June to November. D33 will visit island communities as a reassuring presence as the crew works with local services and authorities to ensure the most rapid and effective aid is provided should nature strike.

Dauntless will also patrol the Caribbean to counter illicit activities, in particular working with US Coast Guard and other law enforcement agencies against drug trafficking.

After several years out of action followed by nearly 12 months of intensive training at sea, the destroyer’s Commanding Officer Commander Ben Power said the vessel was raring to prove herself on the world stage again.

“It has been a phenomenal journey taking the ship from Liverpool following the upgrade to the power and propulsion system through to our departure on time for operations, which highlights the performance of the equipment and the dedication and hard work of the crew,” he stated.

While in the Caribbean, she will also head for Exercise Unitas and mark the 200th anniversary of the Colombian Navy.

Unitas (Latin for “united”) is the oldest and largest maritime exercise in the region dating back to 1959. The South American and US regional exercise demonstrated a united stance against the spread of the Soviet Union’s influence in Latin America. The exercise continues to be the most important naval exercise in the US Southern Command area of responsibility, promoting partnership and demonstrating joint commitment to the region.

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