Holness Calls On First World Countries To Man Up Over Covid-19.

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KINGSTON, Jamaica–December 1st, 2020–Prime Minister Andrew Holness is calling on countries which traditionally provide aid to other countries, especially Small Island Developing States, not to cut back on their international aid budget.

The Prime Minister’s comments come as reports out of the United Kingdom suggests that the European nation is set to cut its international aid budget by a third. He pointed out that this is coming at a time when the global economy is in recession, poverty is increasing and climate related shocks are having devastating impacts on countries.

“Yes, it is difficult, yes, it is a challenging time but now is not the time for the international community to retreat from its commitments, particularly commitments made for climate change, particularly commitments that will, if not kept, affect small island developing states like Jamaica,” Prime Minister Holness said.

Prime Minister Holness went on further to say, that small Island developing states should be spared any cuts to ensure that they are able to continue critical climate resilience and poverty reduction projects.

In that regard, Prime Minister Holness called for greater consideration in these matters.

“The world will recover but it is not a foregone conclusion that the world will recover. The world will recover if we act in a considerate and enlightened manner, if we decide not to turn inward but to keep the open arms of embracing the challenges and working together as one human race, as one world to solve all our difficult global problems,” Prime Minister Holness said.

Prime Minister Holness has co-chaired several climate change financing and development initiatives at the request of the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres.

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