Hon. Mark Brantley Highlighted Recent Accomplishments In Budget Address

Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis.
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By Rick Amburgey
The Premier of Nevis, Hon. Mark Brantley, summarized recent achievements and gave an idea of what the future could look like during an address on the budget.  In the address, he said, “ Madam President, we are indeed pleased with the work done thus far by your CCM led Administration regarding infrastructural improvements, private sector growth initiatives, legislative updates to improve the business environment and improved social safety net programs.”
Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis.
Brantley said he anticipates that changes that have been made will make it possible to take advantage of future opportunities that can bring even more positive change.  “There’s no doubt that the work done thus far will aid in the development of a framework that will support long-term resilience and sustainable inclusive economic growth,” he said.
During the speech, Brantley gave a list of recent accomplishments.  “Worthy of note is that for this financial year, my Administration has accomplished the following:
 * Successfully implemented our retirement benefit scheme for all non-established workers.
*  Paid public servants a second tranche of 5 percent salary increase.
 * Re-established operations at the Call Centre Premises at Brown Hill.
* Facilitated the operations of an additional Call Centre in Charlestown.
*  Completed the reconstruction of the island’s main road from Cliff Dwellers to Newcastle.
* Completed the resurfacing of the By-pass Road from Artisan Village to Pump Road.
* Completed the main road works in Bath Village.
 * Reinstated the hosting of the Financial Services Anti-money laundering (AML) Conference
 * Successfully hosted the CTO Human Resources conference in Nevis.
* Completed work on upgrading the facilities at the Water Taxi Pier.
* Commenced work for the construction of the broiler processing facility at Prospect.
* Relocated the Charlestown Health Centre to new and improved premises.
* Continued the housing revolution with home construction in Maddens, Craddock Road, Prospect and Rices.
* Completed the laying of over 12,000 feet of water mains island-wide to ensure consistent delivery of water
* Purchased and installed state of the art mammography equipment and computer hardware and software at Alexandra hospital and offered free mammograms to Nevisians for 2023.”
In addition to giving a list of recent achievements, Brantley discussed the performance during the last fiscal year.  He said recurrent revenue was forecasted to grow by a modest 7.0 percent over what was collected in 2022, expected to be driven mainly by improvements in Value Added Tax (VAT) collections which had already showed signs of rebound after the pandemic.  “When we examined our actual achievement for the period 2022/2023 our recurrent revenue generated as of October 31, 2023, amounted to $118.88 million, which represents an increase of $9.69 million or 8.9 percent over the $109.19 million generated over the same period in 2022,” he said.   Brantley also said it was an $1.54 million improvement over what was expected to be generated by October 2023.
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