Santa (Ian Patches Liburd) presents gifts to the eager children. The very young ones were accompanied by their parents.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — Area Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Number One, the Hon Ian ‘Patches’ Liburd, was centre of attention Sunday evening Dec. 23 when as Santa he distributed gifts to over 450 children in the last of two Christmas parties for children in his constituency.

The first Christmas party for children in East Basseterre organised by the Hon Liburd, who is also the Minister of Public Infrastructure, Posts, Urban Development, and Transport, was held on Sunday Dec. 16 at Taylor’s National Housing Corporation’s parking lot, while the second one was held at the basketball hard courts in New Town.

There were food, snacks and drinks for everyone, including the parents. While older children played games, the younger ones were entertained by a bouncing castle. Mansion Bulls and the Vibes Masquerades provided cultural entertainment.

The party, organised by members of a committee of the Constituency Number One Group led by Ms. Karen Sadio, had its big moment when Santa, (Area Parliamentary Representative the Hon Ian Patches Liburd) arrived to distribute the gifts. The children formed two orderly lines, allowing young ones to be at the head of the lines to receive gifts.

“It is a feeling that is hard to explain,” said Liburd. “It brings out humility because when I look at it, it is the area in which I was born, and in which I was raised, and it is an area in which I still live. There are some parents, single mothers in particular, with two or three children who just cannot afford to bring this joy for their children at Christmas time.”

According to Minister Liburd, the party was an exercise in giving at Christmas time, which he termed as a season of peace, love and joy. The two parties held for the children were indeed meant to bring joy to the children, and even if the number rises to 1,000 he said that would be immaterial as all the children would be catered for since the aim is to bring joy to all of them.

“We had about 500 children and every year the number increases, and we cater for that as you see we still have some toys left,” Liburd said. “I have been doing it even before going into government. I have always prepared to give more after I got elected to office because it is for the community and the community has quite a lot of children.”

A mother of six, Ms. Valencia Richards said the party was a great idea and thanked the parliamentary representative for going out of his way to ensure that the children in the constituency were well catered for with food and gifts. The children were very happy when the Hon Liburd distributed the gifts to them, noted the mother.

“I can see happiness in their eyes – they were glad to receive their gifts,” said Ms. Richards. “As a mother, I will say thank you Mr Minister. Job well done and continue with the donation to the less fortunate mothers and especially at Christmas time.”

At the end of the highly successful event, the host was joined by his Cabinet colleague, Deputy Prime Minister the Hon Shawn Richards who congratulated him for taking good care and entertaining children in East Basseterre, Constituency Number One.