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Dear Editor,

HOPE Nevis would like to salute Miss Meritzer Williams of Craddock Road, Nevis in becoming the FIRST Nevisian to compete at the summer Olympic Games. At HOPE Nevis, we feel that Meritzer’s achievement should be heralded for a number of reasons.

Firstly, her achievement is testament to her hard work, determination and ambition. Since she was a little girl at the Charlestown Primary School, Meritzer Williams has shown a special talent for athletics. However, over the years Meritzer worked hard to hone and develop that natural talent, showing improvements through primary and secondary school, until she was able to attain her life-long dream of participating at the Olympics. Meritzer is also the first female athlete from the Federation to medal in the 100m and  200m at the CARIFTA Games as well as the first athlete from St. Kitts or Nevis to win a medal at the IAAF World Junior Championships (the highest level of competition for a junior track athlete).

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Secondly, as a young person, Meritzer stands as a shining example to other youth in Nevis, the Federation, the Caribbean Region and even the World, showing the great heights that we can attain if we work hard and persevere. We must be reminded that even though she did not win a medal, Meritzer is only nineteen (19) years old, and for all intents and purposes she is still a junior athlete but her accomplishments have allowed her to be catapulted to compete at Olympic level.

Finally, Meritzer exemplifies the value of our people. As a Nevisian, she has been able to prove that the place of your birth does not limit the heights you may attain.

Let us all take these lessons from Meritzer’s SUCCESS and strive to improve ourselves and others within our communities.

To Meritzer Williams, her mother and former coaches here in Nevis, we at HOPE Nevis say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! We are proud of you.

Vincia Herbert

Public Relations Officer

HOPE Nevis

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