Horstwood Gets His Murder Trial Date Vacated by LK Hewlett
Victim’s family wants justice Brit Kevin Horstwood applied for and was successful in having his June 8 murder trial date vacated. During a hearing on May 12, Justice Marlene Carter granted Horstwood’s application not to go on trial next month. She explained to the accused that once the June 8th date was vacated, his trial would be adjourned until September. “I want you to understand that once you have the June trial date vacated, we would not be able to set another date in this assize to hear you matter,” the judge advised. Horstwood said he understood and though he had pushed for a speedy trial, based on where he is with trial preparation at this time, it would be “impossible” for him to be ready to defend himself on June 8th. Justice Carter said it made no practical sense to set a date considering there were several outstanding matters. She instructed Horstwood to return on September 8th for a status update hearing. “At that point we will see where we are,” she said. Horstwood has been remanded to prison since January 2012, charged with the December 2011 stabbing death of his employee, US citizen Matthew Murphy. Murphy’s family say they are eager to see justice done and may travel to St. Kitts for the trial. Murphy had only moved to St. Kitts ten months prior to his death. He had been working as a handy man at Horstwood’s Rawlins Plantation Inn and told his family his work visa had expired and he wanted to return to Florida. “He was two months shy of coming home,” the sibling told The Observer. One relative described the 60-year-old victim as a quiet person who led a simple life. “Matt was a very quiet person and a man of very few words. He was non-confrontational and lived very simply, and loved to fish. “We all miss Matt very much and not a day goes by that he is not in my thoughts. Our parents have not been the same since his passing, none of us has.” Police have not revealed any motive for the killing. With a number of trials already scheduled for the September criminal assizes, there is no guarantee that Horstwood’s trial will begin this year.