House slides down hillside

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Local authorities are still assessing damages of a land slippage that affected several homes in the Fort Tysons area of Frigate Bay yesterday.

The incident recognized Thursday morning forced residents of multiple properties to evacuate their homes.

According to National Disaster Coordinator Abdias Samuel after 2:00 pm. on Thursday they received a report of a land slippage in Fort Tyson rise area that would have affected the infrastructure and surrounding areas where several homes would have been compromised.

“In that regard, we would have seen a National response by the public works department, fire department and royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force and other key agencies such as the GIS department within physical planning.”

He said they the Disasters Mitigation Council met to discuss the matter Thursday afternoon

“The state is using all of its resources to ensure that the safety and security of the country is of priority and we do everything necessary to support and respond to the affected.”

Director of Public Works Cromwell Williams said the engineers  of the Public Works Department received a call from a homeowner in the Fort Tyson rise area  at about 7:00 am and he indicated that he would have observed overnight significant cracks in his house

“We got on the scene looked at his property which is a multi-story building and indeed confirmed some serious cracks throughout the house. We also observed that at least one neighbouring property also showed some structural cracks.”

Williams said the damage was not localised  to one property and noted that observations were made throughout the day

“Around midday we got a call suggesting that the situation further deteriorated throughout the property. We returned and saw that the cracks were much more pronounced and were wider. We continued to observe and the property, in particular, would have slipped and almost collapse.”

He said one of the properties may have been undermined by the heavy rainfall experienced this week.

“We would have heard from the homeowner and he would have suspected the heavy rains there would have been water escaping from the roads on to his property and perhaps undermine his foundation.”

Williams noted that they are continuing to observe the area.

“We would want to caution the general public that the area is not safe for anyone to venture into. We had time to evacuate not only that homeowner but neighbouring properties had times

He said they would go back today to observe and see whether or not it is stable







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