In arguably the most exciting match-up for the entire Junior Division season the Sandy Point ODB Fruta Falcons came out on top with a very convincing victory over the Tropical Shipping Bird Rock Uprisers.

The final game of the three-game championship series was held last Friday evening at Basketball City.

A huge crowd, consisting mainly of supporters from the Sandy Point/Fig Tree area, came out to cheer for the hometown guys in the championship match-up.

The Sandy Point team did not disappoint the fans or the hundreds in attendance as the team stamped its intentions early in the first half when the team raced to a 20 point advantage.

The Bird Rock team had no answer for the exceptional play of guard Taslyn Belboda who had a spectacular 24 points which included an amazing seven 3-pointers.

Belboda, who stands a little over 5 feet,  simply ran circles around the much bigger and stronger Bird Rock guards. The Sandy Point team took a commanding 48-25 lead into halftime. This was reminiscent of the game two, in which Bird Rock had a similar advantage over the Sandy Point team.

The second half began with Sandy Point trying to keep the pressure on but a number of critical turnovers allowed Bird Rock to get back into the game. Uprisers managed to tie the game in the third quarter and entered the fourth just within four points of the Sandy Point team.

However, the fourth quarter began with Belboda continuing his phenomenal shooting display and brother Javal Hodge supporting extremely well with a near triple double with 14 points, six rebounds and eight assists.

Javal and his younger brother Belboda along with talented forwards Sinto Bradshaw and Lyle Browne, who had 14 and 12 points respectively, were simply to much for the Bird Rock big three which includes William Natta who had a monster 24 rebounds to go with 15 points, Akeem Matthew with 10 points and eight rebounds and Dane Rawlins, who was still recovering from a broken hand, had a very low-key game failing to crack double figures in points or rebounds.

Dane was inserted by Coach Wendell Pemberton despite the feelings by many that the very talented Dane should rest the forearm and avoid re-injury.

The young Dane insisted that he play and his presence however made little difference as the Sandy Point team took advantage of Dane, who was obviously favoring the injured hand.

Dane’s presence became more of a hindrance for the Bird Rock team as he became the focal point of there offense and his hand did not permit or allow him to be his usual dominant self.

This situation created even more of an opportunity for the Sandy Point team to throw salt in the wounds of the Bird Rock team and in the latter half of the fourth quarter Sandy Point took complete advantage and won the game by a score of 87-63 to end an exciting finals in the SKABA Junior Division.

Hundreds of Sandy Point fans including constituency representative the Hon. Shawn K. Richards, took to the court to congratulate there victorious team.

The team was also congratulated by Bird Rock Coach and SKABA president Mr. Wendell Pemberton ,Vice President Mr. Wallis Wilkin, National Coach Glen “Ghost” Phillip and Former SKABA and LIBA president James “Barman” Hanley.

The team was treated to refreshments compliments the sponsors OD Brisbane and Fruta as well as dinner compliments constituency rep Shawn Richards at KFC.

Sandy Point follows in the footsteps of there senior and community counterparts the Fig Tree Dirt Revelers, the defending national senior SKABA champions