Hundreds of Explorers’ Club members across St. Kitts will attend school on Thursday sporting their Explorers’ Club uniforms to celebrate Explorers’ Day.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — Hundreds of young people across St. Kitts will attend school on Thursday, September 17, sporting their Explorers’ Club uniforms to celebrate Explorers’ Day.

The Explorers’ Clubs leadership has received support from parents, members of the Independence Committee, and officials in the Ministry of Education for Thursday to be designated Explorers’ Day.

Although not an official activity on the Independence Calendar, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Osmond Petty, has formally obtained the necessary approval for the children to attend school wearing their uniforms.

According to the Founder and Explorers’ Clubs Coordinator, Inspector Rosemary Isles-Joseph, Independence Day and the military parade were occasions the children looked forward to each year.

“Every year, they participate in the Independence Parade and look forward to that,” said Inspector Isles-Joeeph. “However, because there is no parade this year, the children felt sad. We wanted to motivate them so we decided to have Explorers’ Day on the September 17, during which students will be able to wear their uniforms to school. Now the children are really hyped up over wearing their Explorers’ uniforms. Even teachers and parents have expressed excitement.”

Unlike on Independence Day, when the children parade in their formal grey uniforms, this Explorers’ Day they will wear their club T-shirt and a khaki skirt or pants. Each club is represented by a different coloured shirt. Inspector Isles-Joseph added the activity will also help raise the interest of other children and parents in the clubs and attract new members.

The Tabernacle Explorers’ and Dieppe Bay Explorers’ were preparing their official launch at the time of the implementation of a State of Emergency. They will also be wearing their uniforms this week. To close the day, the St. Peters Explorers’ Club will host a concert on Thursday evening in which other clubs are expected to attend and participate.