Hurricane Fiona: France Declares Disaster in Guadeloupe

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PARIS, Sept 18 (Reuters) – France will recognise a state of natural disaster for Guadeloupe after heavy rain tied to the powerful storm Fiona caused flooding in the French Caribbean island, killing one man, President Emmanuel Macron said on Twitter on Sunday.

“In the aftermath of storm Fiona my thoughts go to Guadeloupe, to our compatriot who was swept away and to all those affected. The state of natural disaster will be recognised and the aid fund for Overseas Territories mobilised,” Macron said, adding he had asked junior Overseas Territories Minister Jean-Francois Carenco to head to Guadeloupe.

A man was found dead on Saturday after his house was swept away by floods in the Basse-Terre district on Friday night, local authorities said on Saturday. read more

Official recognition of natural disaster also allows access to insurance claims for natural disasters for residents and businesses who are cleaning up and starting to repair property.

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