Dear Editor,

There is a lot of talk at present about past projects completed by NIA.

I had the honor to server both administrations between 1985 and 1999, when I retired, and would like to mention a few points about the Water Department in that period.

I think many people have forgotten how inadequate the water system was in the past and I feel it only right that I give credit to those in government wholeheartedly set about impro ving the situation from 1985.

Mr. Sim Daniel was the Premier and Mr. Joe Parry his Permanent Secretary and they set about attracting funds for water development. The Aid funds were mostly sought from European Union, British Development Division (UK) and later from Kuwait.

What was different about the water projects that followed was that there were no Consultants and Contractors involved. All designs were carried out in-house and when funding was secured all the civil works were carried out by Nevis Water Department workers. This ensured value for money, on-the-job training and new equipment for NWD as well as full employment for regular as well as extra workers.

The aid age ncies were so impressed that the funds kept coming and one project followed after another. Every street in every village throughout the island got new water distribution mains backed up by new Reservoirs, Wells and Pumping Stations. Even Charlestown had all the old water mains replaced and no less a person than Chris Patton (later to be last Governor of Hong Kong and Prime Minister of UK) came to Nevis officially to open that project.

It is only fair that I say that I am most impressed with the support and guidance I received from Premier Daniel and PS Parry during the securing of funding for water. They never dictated in any way in the civil designs or in our timetable carrying out the work. One of the Aid Agency persons during one visit confided in me that some of our project applications have leap-frogged over similar projects from St. Kitts because NIA had better satisfi ed their requirements.

Even when no external funding was available, such as around 1989 when Four Seasons was coming and said they wanted 400,000 us gallons per day for a golf course. NIA put up the money to enable Water Department to construct an Infiltration Trench facility to supply irrigation water. Otherwise FSR might not have come to Nevis. Water from that facility has yielded much revenue to the treasury.

Yours sincerely

Brian Kennedy

(Former Engineer Manager, Nevis Water Dept.)