I’ll Be Back! Trump Says He Is On The Mend, But Docs Say He Is Not Yet Officially Out Of The Woods.

Photo image: EFE. Making it better. Trump appears haggard without orange mekeup, but at least he is sitting up and talking without oxygen.
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WASHINGTON, DC–October 4th, 2020–United States President Donald Trump said Saturday that he feels “much better” in a video that was apparently shot inside the military hospital where he was taken after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

The president is seen sitting at a desk, looking haggard, and wearing a suit but no tie and not wearing his signature orange face make-up.

US President Donald Trump said he is doing well, but that the next few days will be the “real test”.

He posted the video on Twitter ahead of a second night in hospital, where he is being treated for Covid-19.

The president’s physician said late on Saturday that Mr Trump had made “substantial progress” but was “not yet out of the woods”.

Saturday had been marked by a flurry of apparently contradictory remarks about the president’s condition.

Shortly after the medical team gave a generally upbeat update, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said the president’s condition had been “very concerning”.

Sources close to the president said he was not happy about Meadows’ comment.

President Trump has long faced criticism for his approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the early stages of the crisis, he was accused of playing down its severity. He has at times suggested preventative measures not recommended by medical experts and even ridiculed the wearing of face masks.

So how is the US faring?

Well, it has the world’s highest number of confirmed Covid-related deaths at nearly 208,000. It has also recorded more than seven million cases, which is about a fifth of the world’s total.

The rates of new hospital admissions and deaths have declined, however, with the seven-day average for deaths per day remaining below 1,000 since the end of August.

The outbreak has also had a devastating impact on the US economy. GDP fell by a record rate of 33% in the three months from April to June, but has recovered some ground since then. Airlines  have laid off thousands of workers, and the city of Orlando, Florida, home of Disney World, is in crisis with thousands of homeless workers living in cheap motels, in what have been described as ‘third world’ conditions.

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