Delano "Inches" Browne

It was a case of third time unlucky for Delano “Inches” Browne who was finally convicted of attempted robbery and assault in a 2013 incident at the Yachtsmen’s Grill Wednesday (Nov. 22) at the High Court in Charlestown. His lawyer may file an appeal over the verdict, the third after two hung jury mistrials.

After the trial the Observer spoke with his attorney Dr. Henry Browne QC who hinted that his client may appeal.

“I don’t know what the jury thought in their mind but whatever verdict they brought back they are entitled to bring back whatever verdict they feel is fair and just. And we have to live with that. That is how the system works . Whatever I put or did not put,the jury decides what the truth is based on what they think the truth is they return a verdict .If the client is dissatisfied, as he is there will be an appeal,” he said.

Browne faced the court for the first time in April of 2016. The 12 member jury was unable to agree on a unanimous decision causing a hung jury and paving the way for the case to be retried. His retrial began in November at the high court in Charlestown. That too concluded with a hung jury leading to the third retrial. If not convicted on the third attempt the prosecution was have exhausted all possible trials.

Attorney Browne said that for this trail he did not change his approach much “It was basically the same but the style was different but the fundamentals will be the same.”

According to the evidence brought forth, by Tristan Vasquez who represented the office of the Director of Public Prosecution, Browne was accused, along with another masked person of attempting to rob Greg and Evelyn Salgon and two other family members on May 1, 2013 at Yachtmans Grill in Cotton Ground.

During the attempted robbery, the two robbers, who the witnesses described as one being tall and the other short, were allegedly shot with Salgon’s licensed hand gun. The robbers stole two shopping bags from Evelyn Salgon. The following day, officers visited Browne’s home in Cotton Ground, where he was found with a wound to his right leg. He was taken to the Alexander Hospital where he had emergence surgery and one bullet was removed that was later revealed through ballistics match Salgon’s gun.

Brown’s case began Monday and ended Wednesday with both prosecution and defense giving their final statements. The jury took about two hours to render its decision. Browne has been remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison in St. Kitts and will be sentenced on December 13 after the social inquiry has been conducted.