The Night of the Performing Arts will be delivered virtually, On October 17. Ms. Marsha Jeffers, Dance Specialist at the Department of Culture.encourages persons to tune in to be entertained.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — Three activities on the Independence Calendar have been merged on Oct. 17 into one virtual event, dubbed the Night of Performing Arts,” according to Marsha Jeffers, Dance Specialist at the Department of Culture.

Originally, the Night of Choirs was scheduled on October 4; the Night of Instrumental Music was slated on October 17; and the Night of Dance was on October 25.

The events were merged into one night as a result of the many challenges posed by COVID-19. Under the regulations, large social gatherings are restricted, and this caused many groups, including school choirs to be unable to meet to practice.

“Because of these hindrances, we were not able to have the night of the choirs, instrumental and dance as it is on the calendar,” explained Ms. Jeffers. “We are hoping to merge the three.”

“We will select three or four acts from the nights of choirs, instrumental and dance to compile a Night of the Performing Arts programme.”

Ms. Jeffers noted that youth are the main focus and their safety is of paramount importance.

“Instead of the large groups that we normally have, we are going to have duets, quartets, and small groups to do those performances,” said Ms. Jeffers. “We are such a versatile, resilient and talented nation this show is going to be exemplary. We look forward to the Night of the Performing Arts and we are looking forward to the merger. It will not be as many persons, but it will still be of high quality.”

She noted that the inclusion of Nevis in the Night of the Performing Arts is of significant importance especially given the fact that it is a national event. Dancers, instrumentalists and choir groups will be invited to participate.