International media vital in marketing of St. Kitts and Nevis

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Photo 1: A tourist couple hike in St. Kitts.

Photo 2: A tourist enjoys herself with one of the many folklore groups on the island.


International media vital in marketing of St. Kitts and Nevis



Basseterre, St. Kitts – International media organizations continue to rank highly St. Kitts and Nevis as an attractive and enticing tourist destination.

Saju Ng’alla, public relations manager at the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, discussed St. Kitts’ stellar performance in international tourism rankings on Wednesday’s edition of “Working for You.” He revealed that for November thus far, at least four media organizations visited the federation and wrote and posted about St. Kitts, which helped to market the tourism product.

“If you look at… the media, we have quite a lot to celebrate,” Ng’alla said. “The Wall Street Journal ranked St. Kitts as No. 9 on a list of 10 places in the world to vacation in 2017.”

Ng’alla said a number of other media outlets ranked St. Kitts in 2017:

  • Coastal Living ranked the island at No. 16 among the world’s top 21 luxury beach destinations.
  • The Canadian edition of The Reader’s Digest named St. Kitts No. 8 out of “the top 10 sexiest places on the planet.”
  • Travelocity named St. Kitts as one of the six Caribbean islands “you need to visit now.”  
  • Thrillist named St. Kitts one of the Best Caribbean Cruise Destinations and Caribbean Journal ranked St. Kitts No. 11 out of 25 Caribbean destinations to visit.

“St. Kitts has a lot to offer and a lot of it has to do with people and how people relate to our visitors, how they treat visitors, and how we treat our own environment,” noted Ng’alla.  

He said that as the media continue to play a significant role in heightening the profile of the country, people should also note the vital role hotels play in enhancing the federation’s tourism product. He spoke about the newly opened Park Hyatt St. Kitts Christophe Harbour, which opened its doors on Nov. 1.

“It is our luxury-based hotel and it is supposed to open [St. Kitts] to the high-end market, which really and truly is what we are going after,” he said. “What we do find is that those who are in the higher income bracket tend to want to come to these type of islands where they can immerse themselves in everything… it can be our heritage, culture, sports, beaches, the environment and hiking. They want to do everything, and St. Kitts offers them just that. And that is why the Park Hyatt, the Christophe Harbour Development, and Kittitian Hill are a good fit to enhance our tourism product.”

Park Hyatt St. Kitts Christophe Harbour has received many plaudits in the press, even making the cut onto coveted lists such as the following:

  • Forbes’ “17 Hot Hotel Openings This Summer”
  • The New York Times’ “Hotel and Resorts to Travel to in 2017”
  • Travel + Leisure’s “Hotel Openings to Watch Out for in 2017”
  • The Globe and Mail’s “World’s hottest and hautest new hotels for 2017”
  • The Telegraph’s “28 best new hotels for 2017”
  • Forbes’ “25 New Luxury Hotels That Come Highly Recommended”
  • Vogue’s “2016 Hottest Hotels: The 16 Most Anticipated Openings”







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