Patricia Walters (front row- 4th from left), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Cable, with some of her staff members.

Subscribers to services/products provided by The Cable in St. Kitts will soon benefit from the telecommunication company’s introduction of Ultra TV, a new one-tier TV service with new content that replaces the current packages and eliminated the need for outdated technology.

“I am pleased to introduce you to Ultra TV. This is the first in the journey of Ultra TV, a one flat tier TV service that everybody will have,” said Patricia Walters, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Cable. “…there is something better for you, finally, there is something that work. We are responding directly to your complaints and pain points.”

Minister of Communications, the Honourable Vincent Byron Jr., applauded The Cable for the launch of Ultra TV, which ends the need for outdated cable boxes that had become obsolete due to a lack of parts.

“And so, Ultra TV as we are now seeing it, fixing a very critical problem, Pat and her team has come up to make it no longer necessary to have a TV box. Anyone, any new customer, can now have full-service TV in your home without having these boxes… and so, we are happy that this Ultra new service does that,” said Minister Byron.

The communications minister also lauded The Cable for remaining focused on bringing current market trends to customers in St. Kitts and Nevis.

“We want to salute The Cable, who some 20 years ago introduced an internet network, a broadband network around St. Kitts and Nevis, where they developed fibre optic cables that serve our country well,” he said. “Part of the overarching strategy of The Cable is to ensure that this country has the best internet network anywhere in this region.  And over the next 12 months, we look forward to the upgrade of that network where broadband at unbelievable speeds could be had anywhere in this country.”

Minister Byron touched on the matter of fibre optic network being rolled out across the Federation, saying “that is a goal that the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis endorses, where we would expect over the next 18-36 months that every household in this country connected to the internet would be connected by fibre,” he said. “Fibre to the home is an ultimate goal. Once you do that — no more spooling, no more dropping out — that we would have for the first time in this region every household connected… In this Western Hemisphere we would be out there.”

The new channel combo will provide subscribers with 75 Channels for EC$ 70.20 (VAT inclusive) and will take effect from Thursday, August 01.

Ultra TV requires no registration for existing customers of The Cable who would automatically be upgraded to the new service. Customers will no longer be required to have a cable box, own a smart TV or pay for internet connection to view television programming. The service will be available to everyone with an active cable outlet in their home.

Customers who do not currently have The Cable’s TV service and wish to sign up are encouraged to do so by applying in store on Cayon Street.