Irate customer hit restaurant owner in the head with a chicken leg

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Judge levies $1,000 fine; puts him in custody for outstanding warrants

By Monique Washington

Fitzroy Hobson of Webbs Ground Village, Gingerland appeared on Tuesday before Magistrate Yasmine Clarke in Magistrate Court in Charlestown. Hobson faced assault charges for striking the owner of a Charlestown Chinese Restaurant with a chicken leg and a wooden stool.

The incident occurred almost a year ago at the Gold Coast Chinese Restaurant. Hobson allegedly beat the female manager. In court this Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to the charge.

According to police prosecutor Inspector Stephen Hector, Hobson went to the Gold Coast Chinese Restauranton May 30, 2015 and ordered one chicken leg. After he began to eat, Hobson complained to the restaurant’s owner that the chicken leg was cold. The owner said the chicken leg was cold because he was sitting under the fan. Unhappy with the owner’s response, Hobson admitted throwing the chicken leg, which hit the owner in the head. She told Hobsonhe should not have hit her with the chicken leg. In response, Hobson picked up a wooden stool,threw it at her,striking her in her head. He fled the scene and the owner called the police.

Before sentencing,Hobson told the court he recognized what he had done was wrong, but some facts were left out.

“When the chicken came to me it was cold, and I told her so,” Hobson told the court.“I threw it and I knew I was wrong. Then the owner’s husband pulled out a gun and I threw the stool at her. After that, I walked down the stairs and left. But I knew I was wrong.”

Magistrate Yasmine Clarke asked Hobson if he was drunk at the time and he said no. Clarke convicted Hobson and finedhim $1,000, to be paid in three months, or face three months in Her Majesty’s Prison.

However, before Hobson left the court, the Magistrate Clarke told Hobson she has been looking for him for a long time.

“Mr.Hobson I have two committal warrants for you that have been here for some time,” the Magistrate said. “The bailiff said you keep dodging him.”

Hobson was placed in police custody for two outstanding warrants.

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