Sidewalk being constructed in Molineux.
Sidewalk being constructed in Molineux.

Phase two of the Island Main Road Rehabilitation and Upgrade Project, which specifically will impact the east side, has started.

George Gilbert, Engineer at the Public Works Department, stated in a recent interview that there is a total of nine local sub-contractors who are facilitating the road work up to Saddlers Village. The work will include the relocation of water lines, sidewalks and drains.

“There are nine contractors on this segment of work where they will be undertaking work on sidewalk and drainage. So what we have done is to cut up the work into smaller bits—like villages—so that smaller contractors can be involved and be engaged and get an opportunity for them to grow,” Gilbert said.

The contractors include Boonie’s Construction Company Ltd; Allie’s Construction; Anthony Huggins & Sons; I&B Limited (Trevor Isaac and Leroy Browne); John Boy Construction (Dwight Berry); Stephen’s Construction (Stanford Stephens), and T&G Construction (Troy Flanders).

The upgrading of the island main road, as well as the resurfacing programme, represents the most comprehensive road works done in the country in the past 20 years. Upon completion, it will lead to the improvement of the road network, greater ease of travel and safety, and enhancements for pedestrian and vehicular traffic alike.

The first phase of the Island Main Road Rehabilitation and Upgrade Project, which saw some five local sub-contractors being employed, encompassed road and drainage work being done from Conaree going eastward to Keys Village and from the Camps’ Roundabout heading west down to the Challengers community.

Additionally, work is being undertaken simultaneously on the Old Road Bay Road. This $31-milion project will see the reclaiming of land from the sea and a new road constructed to protect against falling rocks in the area.

The primary contractor on that project is Rock & Dirt Ltd.