‘It Was All A Huge Mistake’ Says Hamas Troop Commander, Blames Fat Cat Leaders Living In Qatar And Turkey.

Photo: Mail on Sunday. A woman flees after Hamas terrorists descended on the Supernova Festival in southern Israel and killed 260 people at a music festival in the desert.
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Britain’s newspaper The Mail on Sunday has reported that a top Hamas military commander has broken ranks with Hamas top brass and claimed the the attack on Israel on October 7th was never intended to target civilians.

The plan was to kill Israeli soldiers and take some as hostages. That’s what the leader of a battalion of 400 terrorists told The Mail on Sunday, in an exclusive interview.

But he said that orders were changed at the last minute by Hamas political leaders exiled outside of Gaza which led to the savage rape, torture and murder of more than 1,400 children, women and men. Hundreds of Israelis were taken hostage back to Gaza.

‘I am one of the planners (of October 7th) and we did not expect it to go this way,’ he said, speaking via the encrypted Telegram app last week.

‘Our leadership was speaking to our young ones saying go, do whatever you like, take whatever you like…You see and witness we have killed babies.

‘Us going there into civilian areas, taking 250 hostages, wasn’t planned. They are civilians. Our plan was to take a few [military] hostages in return for our prisoners.’

The commander, going by the code name Abu Mohammed, accused Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar of acting like a ‘street fighter’. He said the Hamas leadership that had ordered its terrorists to ‘do what they like’ are not living in Gaza and facing Israel’s retribution.

‘Our reason to speak is that we want to raise our voice to the world. My dear Gaza is under bombardment. The problem is because of our leadership.’

He claimed that Hamas military commanders in Gaza have been effectively cut off from the political leadership, and now rely on messengers like ‘ancient times.’

He said he only had some dates and olive oil to eat, unlike the group’s head, Ismail Haniyeh, and others, who live in splendour in Qatar and Turkey.

‘We don’t know what direction to go in next. We don’t know which path to take,’ he said, claiming that several other Hamas commanders were now questioning the leadership.

‘They destroyed us.’

The barbaric October 7 attacks saw Hamas fire a barrage of rockets from Gaza and send fighters across the border, killing 1,400 people and taking about 240 hostages.

Source: Mail on Sunday.


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