It’s No Joke: BVI Swift Boat Intelligence Scandal Quickly Squashed By Top Customs Official.

File photo; BVI Customs have fast boats to interdict pirates and smugglers in BVI waters.
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ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands–September 30th, 2020–The BVI government released a press release saying that Wade Smith, Chair of the Joint Taskforce and Commissioner of Customs had clarified an inaccuracy reported by BVI Platinum News article tilted, Twin-Engine Fast Boat In High Sea Pursuit With Joint Patrol Team Reportedly Released.

Mr. Smith said that the vessel is in fact still detained by Her Majesty’s Customs and the matter is still under investigation. The vessel may have been involved in a  breach of a number of laws including Customs, Immigration and Curfew orders.

A picture of the boat with the detention paperwork attached to it was also posted as proof of the truth of this statement.

Yes, that’s the boat, and there is the detention paperwork.

The confusion seems to have arisen after the Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser addressed the House of Assembly on Wednesday evening regarding his private ‘intelligence’ findings.

“My intelligence also tells me that on Sunday, a vessel came in, the vessel was chased, and the occupants escaped. The vessel was captured and released. The occupants still somewhere. That was Sunday,”

He added, “My intelligence tells me that its Customs who released the vessel. This is not a jokey thing, too much nonsense going on around this Territory.”

The government press release, having squashed the inaccurate intelligence, then concluded with stern warnings of “a zero-tolerance stance to crime on land and sea” and that Her Majesty’s Customs continues to rule the waves.


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