Jamaica Constabulary Force “One of the Most Advanced and Modern Police Forces in Hemisphere”.

Photo: Jamaican Constabulary Force. One of the best in the world, claims minister.
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The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is one of the “most advanced and modern police forces in this hemisphere”, says Jamaican Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang.

Delivering the keynote address at the passing out of 191 new police recruits at the National Police College of Jamaica, at Twickenham Park in St. Catherine on January 31, the Minister said the recent ISO 9001 certification “validates this”.

ISO 9001 is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. It is the most popular standard in the ISO 9000 series and the only standard in the series to which organizations can certify.

ISO 9001 was first published in 1987 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an international agency composed of the national standards bodies of more than 160 countries. The current version of ISO 9001 was released in September 2015.

ISO 9001 is not specific to police forces and it is not known how many police forces in the northern hemisphere have applied for this certification, or how much the Jamaican Constabulary paid for it.

Dr. Chang pointed out that this certification makes the JCF one of only a few police forces in the northern hemisphere to achieve such recognition, which results from the administration’s commitment to invest in additional facilities, training of instructors, and “certifying and expanding the number of courses” offered to trainees.

“The whole point of this is to increase the capacity of the police force. This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our police force to develop and maintain the highest standards of service delivery to the citizens,” the Minister said.

Dr. Chang underscored that technological transformation and the expansion of the programmes that are to come on stream are “well suited” for the young members of the JCF, who can be called “digital natives” – citizens who have grown up in the digital age – as the police incorporate aspects of the digital era into policing operations.

He said that with the advancement of the Security Strengthening Programme (SSP), the Government is confident that “this will result in increased efficiency in all aspects of policing”.

“I want you to understand that policing is not just a job. It is a fundamental pillar of development on which a stable and law-abiding society stands. Law enforcement is not just a profession; it is a calling, a responsibility that each one of you now bears. The role you play in ensuring public safety and public order is crucial to the achievement of our developmental goals, and Jamaica’s economic growth,” Dr. Chang told the graduates.

He said effective law enforcement is crucial in the country’s pursuit of peace, productivity and prosperity, and the officers’ commitment to maintaining public order and ensuring peace and stability will help to create an environment conducive to increased productivity and investments across all sectors of the economy.

“This, in turn, will lead to growth and development, providing the Government with the resources to further strengthen our society and provide better service to our citizens,” the Minister said.

Dr. Chang urged the new recruits to understand that they are not just entering a job. “You are becoming a part of a ‘force for good’ that plays a significant role in the country’s development through the critical pillar of effective law enforcement. I want to reinforce that this is a cornerstone of our socio-economic superstructure,” he noted.

He encouraged them to prioritise continuous learning, and refine the Jamaican policing culture, by bringing energy and commitment to their duty, and to see themselves as “architects of positive change”.

Source: Jamaica Information Service.
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