Jamaica Could Soon Be Looking To Break With British Monarchy.

File photo. Jamaica independent in 1962, Queen still hanging on.
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The People’s National Party (PNP) intends to do away with the British Monarchy’s existing relationship with Jamaica if the Opposition party is given the opportunity to govern Jamaica by the electorate in the upcoming general elections, reports Loop Jamaica.

Leader of the party, Dr Peter Phillips, made the announcement to a standing ovation from the electoral candidates and campaign managers at the Faculty of law at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus on Saturday.

In addressing the PNP officials, Phillips said indications are that elections will soon be called by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, and the abolition of the British Queen as Jamaica’s head of state will be among the changes that the party will make following a victory at the polls.

“This will fulfil the dreams of all our forefathers from 1938 until now. We will end the monarchy with the holding of a referendum within the first six months,” said Phillips.

Dr. Peter Phillips is no relation to The Queen’s oldest grandchild, whose name is also Peter Phillips.

But this is not the first time that the PNP has said the party will get rid of the monarchy. Former party leader and Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller, after winning the general elections in 2020, said in her inauguration speech that she would break the link with the British Monarchy.

“I love the queen; she is a beautiful lady and apart from being a beautiful lady, she is a wise lady and a wonderful lady.”

“But I think the time (has) come. As we celebrate our achievements as an independent nation, we now need to complete the circle of independence,” Simpson Miller said then.

Before that, in the 1990s, another PNP leader and Prime Minister, PJ Patterson, also said the island needed to move towards being a republic, and set 2007 as a deadline to achieve that goal, which was obviously not met.

Her Majesty The Queen, 94, was unavailable for comment yesterday, and is believed to be on vacation in Scotland.

However in her Christmas speech of 2011, she stated: “Of course, family does not necessarily mean blood relatives but often a description of a community, organisation or nation. The Commonwealth is a family of 53 nations, all with a common bond, shared beliefs, mutual values and goals.”

“It is this which makes the Commonwealth a family of people in the truest sense, at ease with each other, enjoying its shared history and ready and willing to support its members in the direst of circumstances. They have always looked to the future, with a sense of camaraderie, warmth and mutual respect while still maintaining their individualism.”

On Thursday, September 3, 2020 the Queen’s fate will be decided when Jamaicans  head to the polls to elect their next government in what will be the country’s 18th general election since Universal Adult Suffrage in 1944.

Jamaica Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced the election date Tuesday during a statement in the House of Representatives.

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