Jamaica Defense Force Scores a $1.1 Billion Cocaine Bust

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CNW- The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) says 2,000 pounds of cocaine valued at J$1.1 billion was seized on Monday after its members intercepted a go-fast boat off the coast of St. Thomas.

Three Jamaicans, who were on the boat, were apprehended and are being processed.

The Air and Cyber Command intercepted the vessel after working with the JDF Air Wing and JDF Coast Guard.

The JDF said the 19 large parcels of cocaine were shipped from South America.

The JDF further said it continues to maintain a collaborative operational capability in the maritime and aerial spaces 24 hours a day to safeguard Jamaica’s blue economy.

It is also urging Jamaicans to contact the security forces using the JDF tip hotline at 876-837-8888 to report criminal activity.

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