Jamaica Government Trying To Improve Prisons As New Correctional Officers Step In.

Photo: Serena Grant, Jamaica GIS. The passing out parade for the latest batch of correctional officers in Jamaica.
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Newly recruited correctional officers are being encouraged to be agents of change for inmates as they carry out their role in rehabilitating prisoners in Jamaica.

“I want to remind you as you step into the field, that you all play a significant role in impacting the lives of those you serve during the journey of rehabilitation and transformation,” said Commissioner of Corrections at the Department of Correctional Services (DCS), Dr. Mark Thomas.

He was addressing the Passing Out Parade for 110 new correctional officers at the Carl Rattray Staff College in Runaway Bay, St. Ann, on Friday (March 15).

Commissioner Thomas told the 95 men and 15 women of the 84th Intake that their journey will be challenging, but they must remain committed and dedicated to maintaining the vision of excellence for the department.

“Keep your eyes on the prize and do not be distracted by naysayers… . Having reached this far, you have believed in yourselves and we believe in you. Graduates, I encourage you to take on this mantel and act only in your service. Use the strategies, procedures and knowledge gained during your training course to further execute your duties in fairness and honesty,” he encouraged.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner told the officers that the Government is working to put legislation in place to improve the correctional system and enhance their welfare.

“As the Government continues to reimagine the DCS, I want to remind you that correctional officers are a priority. Through the National Correctional Services Policy (NCSP), the vision of corrections is being improved with a focus on your well-being,” Dr. Thomas assured.

He said the NCSP will seek to improve the human resource aspect of the DCS by improving the management structure while optimising recruitment and retention.

Source: Jamaica GIS.


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