Jamaica: Pastor Suspeced of Human Sacrifce Killed with Cop in Car Crash

Pastor Kevin Smith
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Kevin Smith, the Jamaican pastor who was arrested for allegedly performing human sacrifices last week, was mysteriously killed Monday morning.

According to Nationwide News, the pastor, along with one police officer died in a car accident in St. Catherine. Several other officers were injured.

Videos circulating on social media show the body of a man, believed to be Smith, being pulled from the damaged car by first responders.

Smith was being transported to Kingston to appear before the Home Circuit Court on Tuesday, October 26. He was to be questioned in relation to the murder of two members of his congregation, whose throats were slit during a “cult-like” ritual on Sunday, October 17.

In Facebook posts on Sunday, Smith, who refers to himself as “prophet of the nations” had warned his followers of an incoming “flood” and instructed them not to take their cell phones to church that evening – which was a no-movement day for the island. He told his followers that they were being prepared to board an ark and that those who were considered “unclean” would have their blood shed.

Upon witnessing one church member killed, a member of the congregation left and called the police.

“She gave other information, which led us to believe that persons were at risk. On responding to that report by the person who was injured, the first team of police that arrived were shot at,” said Police Commissioner Antony Anderson.

“We were concerned that some form of ritualized killing was going to take place and so we did an entry. We found that there were a couple of people who had been injured. There were cult-like behaviors and a cult-like setup that we saw,” explained the police commissioner.

A total of 144 residents attended the ceremony that night. Fourteen children and 31 women were also part of the congregation. Major Anderson said that the Child Protection and Family Services Agency was involved in the rescue of the children.

Smith is the head of the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries in Montego Bay, St. James.

According to reports, Smith had hundreds of followers from Montego Bay, and had been collecting up to one million dollars a week from the congregation, which he used to buy property, cars and other assets. At the scene, police found scores of potential victims, including naked men and animals, who had been lined up to be sacrificed.

Commissioner Anderson also confirmed that at least one police officer was found to be a member of the church.

Authorities were also looking into child sexual abuse allegations surrounding Smith.

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