Jamaica Tells People To Get Ready For Stiff Fines For Improper Garbage Disposal.

Photo by the blowup on Unsplash Jamaica is introducing new laws with stiff fines for improper garbage disposal.
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The Government of Jamaica is going ahead with  plans to introduce legislation to impose stiffer penalties for improper waste disposal.

Legislation is to be passed to increase the fines for illegal and improper disposal of municipal waste, and a bill will be tabled requiring citizens to separate their garbage.

Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Desmond McKenzie, who made the disclosure, said prior to the introduction of the legislation, an islandwide public education campaign will be undertaken to sensitise citizens on the details of the laws.

“When the new legislation comes, the country will be aware, because we are going to be taking the programme right across the country into various community forums saying, ‘these are the things that will happen’, so that the country is in a position to digest [them],” he said.

Mr. McKenzie was addressing a meeting of the National Solid Waste Management Authority’s (NSWMA) Board of Directors on Friday (February 23) at the Ministry’s offices in Kingston.

He said the public education campaign rollout is intended to get citizens buy-in to address the perennial problem of public littering.

“That is why we have made no announcements yet, because we have planned a series on how the implementation is going to be done. We are [allowing some time] to sensitise the country,” the Minister explained.

Mr. McKenzie said behaviour change on the part of citizens is the only way to achieve sustainable results.

“The object of what exists is there has to be a balance. I still maintain that if we gave every community in Jamaica a garbage truck, [and] the minds and the consciousness of the people don’t change, then it will make no difference,” Minister McKenzie emphasised.

Source: Jamaica GIS.
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