At Tuesday’s opening of the January criminal assizes in St. Kitts, several matters stemming from as far back as 2008 have been adjourned to a later session. Some of the traversed matters include rape, unlawful carnal knowledge, unlawful wounding, attempted murder, incest, building breaking, larceny, burglary and murder. Appearing before Justice Darshan Ramdhani Tuesday (Jan 14) was Kevin Horstwood who stands accused of killing 60-year-old Matthew Murphy in December 2011. His case has been adjourned and he was sent back to Her Majesty’s Prison. Kyam Viera, charged with the April 2011 murder of Sherwin Williams, of Godwin Ghaut; Gavin “Bigz”Whyte- accused of murdering Dale “Hot Boy”Wattley in June 2012; Kelroy Hazel and Jahari Bart –accused of murdering Former Police Commissioner Austin Williams’ son Laustin “Big Ship”Williams in April 2011, all had their matters adjourned. The murder case against Erastus Laville was adjourned without a set trial date as was Jamal Heath’s case of attempted murder and wounding with intent, and that of St. Clair “Scamba”Elliot, charged with the July 2012 murder of Newton Ground resident 22-year-old Chelston “Chelly”Mills. Justice Ramdhani adjourned the murder case of Joel Phillip without setting a trial date. “You will stay where you are,”he told the defendant, who has been remanded to prison without bail since his arrest in June 2012. He is accused of shooting to death 34-year-old Leon “Machine”Thompson in August 2011. The judge also adjourned the murder case against Darel Sutton, Kenrick and Keithroy Phillip, and Nicholas Riley, instructing that the issue of legal representation be “clarified”. Also adjourned without a trial date was the murder case against Shaheed Williams, Rayjorn Richards, and Tijmah Jones. They are accused of shooting to death St. Pauls shopkeeper Wingrove Parris in February 2012. The murder case against Alford Nisbett, and Terrence and Everette Ritchen was adjourned without a set trial date. They stand accused of the August 2012 shooting death of Steven Connor and the attempted murder and wounding with intent of the victim’s brother, Jerome Connor. Clayton Laws, who stands accused of a June 2011 rape, maintains that he will represent himself at trial. His case was adjourned without a set trial date. Jevon Francis, on bail for two separate matters- Indecent assault and rape; and unlawful carnal knowledge and rape, saw his cases adjourned without a trial date. The matters of Wendell Welcome for unlawful carnal knowledge, Denzil Williams for unlawful carnal knowledge, Damian Cannonier for rape, Lloyd Somersall for indecent assault and unlawful carnal knowledge, and Noel Guishard, charged with indecent assault, were also adjourned. Ramona Phillip, charged with building breaking and larceny, and receiving, appeared before the Judge without her attorney, despite having been cautioned against doing on a prior occasion. The Judge inquired about the absence of her attorney and Phillip replied that she did not know why the lawyer had not shown up for court. The judge asked when last had she spoken with her attorney; Phillip said she could not recall the exact date but it was ‘sometime last week”. She said they had spoken via telephone. “Next time make sure you appear with your lawyer,”Justice Ramdhani ordered. Nigel Dore, charged with unlawful wounding and inflicting grievous bodily harm in June 2012, had his case adjourned until February 3. The Prosecution informed it is awaiting the written report of a psychiatrist; Dore was labeled as having mental health problems. The Judge inquired what would happen to Dore if there is a guilty verdict “in terms of administrative matters”. The prosecution said it would have to examine the psychiatric report and ‘see what the public interest is”. Eric Halliday’s burglary and receiving case was adjourned and bail continued. Keithroy Duncan and Ivan Liddie stand charged with a November 2012 robbery; their case was adjourned and bail continued. The Judge set a January 20 th trial date for Kelvin Rogers and Travis Crawford accused of a November 2012 kidnapping in Half Moon Bay. Neither man has retained legal counsel. The case against Yves Joseph for inflicting grievous bodily harm in April 2012 was adjourned without a trial date. The prosecution said the matter may not have been “properly dealt with”. There were only six new matters among the 35 cases on the docket for this assizes. Three of the six cases are sexual in nature, including the indecent assault and rape case against Clevorn Desuza, which was adjourned to January 20 th.