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By John Denny

Observer Reporter


(Sunset Beach Club, Nevis) – It was a full night of entertainment rich with local cultural expression at the Sounds after Sunset, Jazz Reggae Vibes. The well-attended event was coordinated by Esther Brookes of Nevis and representative of HER BEST Production.

“There is so much local talent, many people in many different art forms and we wanted to provide some of our artists with a venue,” said Mrs. Brookes. “I feel there isn’t enough appreciation of the arts on Nevis. The only time many people see a lot of the local talent and culture is during Culturama. I would like to see us celebrate our culture all year long.”

The show held July 13 at the Sunset Beach Club, started around 5 p.m. and ran until the wee hours. Poets, dance, African drums, reggae and a style of jazz that blended many forms, such as Beethoven’s Fur Elise and Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turka played in a reggae back-beat with a jazz style. Incredible talent was displayed all night.


news6l-1A tease of a concert was held the evening before, July 12, at the waterfront in Charlestown. The pre-concert was held as a benefit for Alexandra Hospital with many of the performers showing up for both shows.

“Without music, drama, poetry and dance people would be like trees in the Sahara desert. Combining these entertainment genres was intended to reach all people. There are those who love jazz, others love reggae, some love poetry and still others love dance,” said Ms. Brookes.

A security checkpoint ensured the safety of the crowd that was predominantly Nevisian, but seasoned with some tourists.

The farthest any of the artists came was Haitian-born Pauline Jean, who now resides in New York. A number of local jazz/reggae musicians performed such as the Friends Band. Some of the individuals that played in somewhat of a jam session were: Santoy Barrett on the trombone; Lloyd Williams, saxophone; McClenty Hunter, drums; Cocoron Holt, bass; and Sharp Radway on the keyboards.

Reggae artists from St. Kitts include: C-Jay, Jade Orchid, SudiePop, Jah Fire and C-Money. Another reggae performer from Antigua – Zambai – also put on a show.

Between music and dance performances were poetry readings by Adrian (Amenyama) Green of Barbados, Creighton Pencheon of St. Kitts, Ras Eli  X of St. Kitts, Tafari Ayinde of Nevis/St. Kitts.

Two dance troupes, Okolo Tegremantine Arts Theatre of St. Kitts and D’Origine Bailarine of Nevis performed such spirited numbers that every face in the crowd had a smile on.

“Each performer has professional experience and knows their craft. Though some are very young they have been singing and dancing since they were children so the stage isn’t new to them,” Ms. Brookes said.

All this talent couldn’t have been brought together without the help of all the sponsors and Mrs. Brooks said she was extremely grateful for their help.

Some of the sponsors were:

Sunset Beach Club

Oualie Beach Hotel

Bank of Nevis

Brantley & Associates

Old Manor Hotel

Choice FM

Golden Rock Inn

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