Jet Blue Adds Flights To “Quaint Caribbean Island” For Under $200.

File photo. St. Kitts and Nevis are great spots for a quick Caribbean getaway, and there are some surprisingly cheap flights available.
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JetBlue is continuing to add warm-weather destination flights to its roster — it’s latest addition? The Caribbean island of St. Kitts and tickets are on sale now.

Travelers can purchase tickets now for scheduled flight service that starts on November 2, 2023.

The 4-hour and 45-minute flight to St. Kitts from New York is operated on an Airbus A320 aircraft. The amenities on board include 100+ DIRECTV live channels on a 10″ seat back monitor.

Travel + Leisure spotted one-way fares as low as $179 for flights between New York and St. Kitts in the “Basic Blue” fare category, which does not allow carry-on bags, and $209 for the “Blue” fare class which provides free carry-on bag and advance seat selection.

According to Boston Magazine, S. Kitts is the “hidden gem of the Caribbean”, but extra flights could mean that it will be less well-concealed in the future.

“The idyllic islands’ stunning natural beauty, rich history, and friendly locals make it the perfect destination for those looking for the traditional Caribbean experience,” says the online magazine.

Though “Kitts” is the nickname and most commonly used  name for the island today, St. Kitts was originally modestly named St. Christopher by famed explorer Christopher Columbus himself when he visited the island in 1492 during his second voyage to the New World.

(However best to ask for St. Kitts when looking for your gate at the airport, so that you don’t end up in Columbus, Ohio.)

Once Britain colonized the island in the 1600s, sugar soon became the island’s main export and remained so for hundreds of years until it was finally overtaken by tourism in the twentieth century. Now the sugar industry infrastructure has itself become a feature of tourism, and visitors can take a ride on the cane shipment train which circles the island.

Sources: Boston Magazine.


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