Joycelyn obtains Masters degree in business administration

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By Stanford Conway

Women in the twin-island Federation continue to excel in the academic arena as another Kittitian has proven they can successfully compete with their male counterparts in this once perceived man’s world.

Manager in the Audit Compliance Enforcement Unit of the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank, Head Office, Mrs. Joycelyn Dasent was conferred with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Leicester.

The Kittitian-born wife of Elvis Browne of the Sports Department commenced her studies in May 2003 through the Distance Learning Programme of the University of Leicester, England and graduated on Friday, January 27, 2006.

Dasent said the two-year course of studies was very challenging and demanding and, on numerous occasions, she had to tap her resource energy in order to attain success as most working individuals would do.

“It was a very challenging and demanding two-year programme. However, with the application of self-discipline, organisation, determination, sacrifice and the attitude of being focused, I was able to successfully complete my studies.

“On many occasions I had to call on my reserve energy…energy I did not know I possessed, in order not only to stay awake at nights but also to go through the demands of my work environment and the daily chores of a housewife,” said Dasent.

She was high in praise of her husband and her daughter Cyrene Simmonds, who is currently pursuing studies at York University in Canada, for the support and the building of perseverance within her throughout her day and night studies.

“There are also many others that I would like to thank and the first one is God; for without Him, inspite of all the encouragement and sacrifice, I could not have been successful in my quest. However, I would like to extend profound gratitude to my relatives, friends and co-workers, especially Mrs. Diana Richards for the encouragement and advice she gave when I was overwhelmed with duties and studies.”

Dasent had special words of praise for her Managing Director Edmund Lawrence and the Board of Directors, whom she declared were instrumental in her recent academic endeavour by providing financial support for a programme she completed leading to her Masters.

In 2002 Dasent completed her Professional Banking Designation at the Institute of Canadian Bankers in which she emphasised was the stepping stone to her Masters.

During her formative years, Dasent attended the Basseterre Senior High School from which she graduated and later taught at the Basseterre Girls’ School for one year before opting for the banking profession.

Her first job in the banking profession was at the Royal Bank of Canada and she continued in this field after migrating to the United States of America in 1985.

On her return to St. Kitts, Dasent sought employment at the National Bank and has been there since 1989.

In response to the motivating factor behind her choice of profession, Dasent said she had a deep-down love for business.

“In addition to and apart from my deep-down love for business, I was motivated into this field of work by the changing needs in the world environment caused by technological advancement and globalisation. In view of these factors and the impact women were making regionally and internationally, I decided that I had to be prepared for the global market,” said Dasent.

Mrs. Joycelyn Dasent, in her ascension to recognisable heights in the banking profession and also as a mother, advised that young women in the Federation must set themselves goals and, despite the many challenges to be faced, they should try to persevere and strive to attain those set goals by dint of sacrifice and commitment.

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