Shorter receives 16-year-sentence for wounding with intent, burglary

By Monique Washington

Shane Shorter was sentenced on Tuesday to 16 years in prison for wounding with intent and burglary by Her Ladyship Justice Lorriane Williams in High Court in Charlestown. Itasha Delisser, Shorter’s mother, pled not guilty to charges as an accessory to the fact. Justice Williams let her off with a stern lecture.

Lorraine Williams Her Ladyship Justice In The Charleatown High Court
Lorraine Williams
Her Ladyship Justice In The Charleatown High Court

Shorter was sentenced to eight years for wounding with intent and eight years for burglary, both sentences are to run consecutively.

In 2013, Ms. Samar Haroun, a Medical University of the Americas student came home from school to be attacked by an intruder hiding behind her door. The man wrestled with the student and when she screamed for help, stabbed her over a dozen times. He stole his victim’s phone, beat speakers and money, and escaped through a nearby window.

Ms. Haroun survived, but 10 days after her return to Canada had a stroke due to a clot from one of her stab wounds. The Observer understands she receives injections every day to overcome her condition.

A police investigation identified the perpetrator as Shane Shorter, a Jamaica national. He was charged with attempted murder, wounding with intent and burglary. Itasha Delisser was charged with accessory to the fact.

During the April 5 assizes, Shorter pled guilty to wounding with intent and burglary; but pled not guilty to attempted murder. Mrs. Delisser pled not guilty and the charge against her was dropped.

Before Shorter was sentenced, Justice Williams took a brief moment to address Itasha Delisser. Justice Williams blamed her for allowing her son to get out-of-hand and become a menace to society. Justice Williams referred to the social inquiry during which family members indicated Shorter was “good boy,” however, according to the social inquiry, Shorter has never attended church in Nevis.

“And see what the mother and sister and cousins all say,” Justice Williams said. “If he was such a good boy, where was the good boy when he broke into the home of Ms. Haroun and stabbed her so many times,” Justice Williams said. “You spoiled that boy you as did the rest of your family and now all that he has done is to bring shame and pain.”

Justice Williams questioned Mrs. Delisser’s ability to help her son to become a better person.

“You said you tried to help, but you took your money and bought him cannabis,” Justice Williams said. “Instead, you should have taken your money and tried to get your son help. Spend your money trying to get him counselling. Try to get him in drug rehab. You tried to help and that was the extent you tried to help your son?…You went as far as to try to get him out of the country after he committed this crime. You created this monster. And then you want leniency for your son? ”

“When you are in jail serving your time take some time to pray to God a God I’m not even sure that you know,” Justice Williams concluded.