British Prime Minister William Gladstone (1809-1898) said “Justice delayed is justice denied.” But what if justice is simply shoved under a carpet in something similar to an archaic Star Chamber*?This could be case of an off duty Nevis cop in street clothes allegedly committing an anti social act, then shooting an on-duty security guard trying to stop him.

The guard, who was only doing his duty,was sent to hospital while the cop wound up back on duty and on-one except the security guard seemed to any the wiser. as he waited in vain for his day in court.

Steadroy ‘Seamoss Man” Sutton who was allegedly shot by a Constable Randolph Diamond memberof the Royal St Christopher and Nevis Force has been left in the dark as the Constable’s criminal court case has already been tried without him knowing.

Sutton who was 55 years of age at the time worked as security guard at Turtle Times restaurant at Pinneys Beach. Whiledressed his security uniform, performing routine patrol of the restaurant’s environs at around 2am on September 19 2015he saw a person walking from the direction of Sunshine Beach Bar and Restaurant to Turtle Times’ yard and started urinating.

Sutton said he attempted to stop the man from relieving himself on the restaurant grounds, but the individual refused to move away. After his refusal the officer who was dressed in plain clothes allegedly opened fire wounding Sutton in his groin and lower back. Sutton spent several days in the hospital before being released.

Diamond was arrested and charged wounding with intent. The Preliminary Inquiry was heard mid last year and case was set to be heard before High Court Judge Justice Lorriane Williams during the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Criminal November 2017Assizes Nevis Circuit.

The Observer contacted Sutton Wednesday who said,”The case was on the list for November (2017) but no case was called.I haven’t heard anything from anybody up to this day, “he said.

Sutton said he made attempts to contact the DPP but he has refused to speak with him.

“I called him the first Saturday in the year and he asked me who gave me his number. He said that he has secretary but when I asked for her number to make an appointment to see him he did not give it to me,” Sutton said.

Sutton said that if he gets no satisfaction he will take the matter tohigher authority.

” I will take it to England if needs be,” he said “I am not fretting. I am not fussing, “he said.

The Observer then contacted the Director of Public Prosecution Valston Graham who confirmed that the Constable Diamonds case was resolved. “That was dealt with in December,” he said

He noted that the time he does not have the detail as he is currently off island.

The observer understands that Constable Diamond is currently back on police duty.

*A Star Chamber, now outlawed in civilized nations,is where officials meet secretly to decide the fate of suspects without trial..