By Monique Washington

The search for justice in the case of Philo Wallace, who was allegedly gunned down by a Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force officer, is still active as Chairperson of the non-governmental organization “Save SKN” said they will not give up until the matter is settled.

Wallace, who was 17, attended a party last October at Enrique’s night club in Charlestown. It is alleged that an altercation between Wallace and an off-duty police officer ensued. While in the night club, the officer allegedly shot Wallace in the chest. Wallace ran toward the exit and collapsed. He was rushed to the Alexander hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries.

The officer, who was accused of allegedly pulling the trigger, was later identified as Constable Zaviel Jeffers. Before In November, before Jeffers received any charges, acting Director of Public Prosecution Arudranauth Gossai asked the Magistrate court to obtain a coroner’s report and conduct an inquest into Wallace’s death.

The inquest began in January. Jurors met every Thursday and Friday until March 10.

The inquest called more than two dozen witnesses to testify. Magistrate Yasmine Clarke gave her summation of the inquest to a five-member jury, who deliberated for two hours and rendered, 4-1, a justifiable homicide verdict in favor of Constable Jeffers.

On Wednesday, Powell told The Observer that Save SKN will continue its fight for justice for Wallace.

“We have not given up, we are still looking for ways to resolve this,” Powell said.

Powell noted that during their efforts they dealt with a string of acting DPPs.

“We finally have a new DPP,” she said. “Since the incident we have been dealing with acting DPP.”

Powell hopes the new DPP will be able to obtain justice for young Wallace family.

Powell also told The Observer that on Oct. 17, the anniversary of Wallace’s death, a memorial service will be held at the Charlestown Methodist Church.

Since the incident Constable Jeffers has not been charged for his involvement