Karence Is The Supreme Superstar

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By Trisha La Place

The Observer

ST.KITTS — Two dynamic ladies blew up the roof last Saturday night with thrilling performances at the finals of the Kittitian Superstars competition.

Judging by the audience’s response, people seemed amazed by the high level of local talent from not only the two contestants but also from the local side acts that accompanied the show.

However, the spotlight belonged to the two finalists, Karence De Costa and Andrea Maynard.

The battle was on and these two women came out fighting with golden voices, to earn the right to be crowned as this year’s Kittitian Superstar.

The contestants started out with two songs of their choice and a duet to bring down the curtains.

After the battle, when the smoke had cleared away, one lady was left standing. Singing sensation 15-year-old De Costa became the second Kittitian Superstar, amassing a total of 243 points.

She dominated the finals and Maynard had very little to put up much of a fight.

De Costa was consistent through out the show, and she was competition. From the start of show two months ago, De Costa had been the one to beat.

However, last Saturday night De Costa did not perform like her usual herself. There seem to be a lack of energy, according to the commentary judge, Purple.

“I felt Karence first song didn’t do enough justice for me, she held back from the first song, it was good yes but I didn’t feel she gave her all, I definitely know she can do much better,” Purple said. “Her second song just took my breath away, I was rather entwined with not just the song but the body energy she so modestly possess.”

Andrea just did not compete. Her first song, which was a US country song, was a bit rocky, she really was not into the song. Some people felt she was too nervous. However, she got back some of her energy the second round.

Chico, who is a popular radio DJ, started the show as a call in program on ZIZ to mimic the popular U.S. American Idol on the Fox network. He said the live television broadcast certainly touched the hearts of the entire nation.

Chico gave much thanks to Cable and Wireless, the main sponsor for the contest.

One of the judges, Jason Davis, a ZIZ anchor, said he hopes next year’s show will correct some of the deficiencies he noted.

“I was some what disappointed with the late start and sound failure, however a technical problem like that often arises. None the less the show was of a high standard,” Davis said. “The crowd was mainly comprised of teenagers and I think that deteriorated Andrea’s confidence since Karence already had enough supporters to last her a life-time.”

When ask about future plans for Kittitian Superstars, Davis said that not two but four contestants would be entering the finals, which would make next year and hopefully the years to come even more promising.

Chico said he was extremely impressed with the performances this year.

“ I don’t want to sound too big headed because this is just the second year but it seems as though it will get better as the time presses on,” Chico said. “My main goal in coming up with this show is to showcase our local talent, that is what the competition is about. Putting St. Kitts on the map not just only regionally but internationally.” Chico stated.

The Caribbean Media Corporation hosts a similar format show in Barbados.

Chico hinted that future winners of Kittitian Superstars may represent the Federation in those competitions.

Jasmine Clarke won that competition a few years ago and it would be a great asset for De Costa the 2005 winner to participate in that competition next year.

Local superstars Pepper Ranks, Three Hebrew Boys, Diego, Rally, NG Steppers and many more were also spectacular that night.

De Costa, 2005 Kittitian Superstar, received a number of prizes for her victory.

Cable and Wireless representative Cheryl Francis awarded De Costa with a fully loaded lap top with free internet for one year. Also Island Bakeries provided the trophies, Courts a gave hair set and face massagers to both finalists.

Trendz donated clothing wear for all the participants.

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