Kite making workshop kicks off

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By Monique Washington


More than a dozen children, from Nevis, began learning the traditional art form of making kites, an experience the Junior Minister of Education  Troy Liburd said, he hopes they will be able to pass on to others in the future.

On Monday the Ministry of Education hosted the opening ceremony for its first three-day kite making workshop at the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School. The workshop is being facilitated by Author “Cabbage” Farrell,  Keshawn Merchant, Keshawn Reid.

Junior Minister Liburd said that the art of kite making has been a tradition on the island of Nevis. Liburd who has been participating in kite flying competition said that it is now part of his DNA and he wants it to become a part of the participants DNA as well.

“Kite flying is part of my DNA and hopefully after this experience, it would be a part of the DNA of the youngsters that will be a part of the workshop over the next three days. I hope that your experience over the next three days will be an enjoyable experience.

“I hope that the things that you learn you will take with you and you would share them with your other classmates and friends and family members. And In the future you will be the one teaching and carrying on the tradition for those that come after you,” he said.

Liburd also took the opportunity to thank the sponsors of the event, Hamilton Reserve Bank.

“Let me say a big thank you to Hamilton Reserve Bank for coming forward to provide the finances so that we can facilitate this workshop ….to teach some of our young people’s on the island of Nevis the art of kite making,” he said.



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