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Happily stunned upon hearing Premier Parry’s snap at the federal government for their neglect towards crime on Nevis, thoughts began resurfacing and questions started running through my mind as to where do we go from here.  As many will recall, our premier has boasted in the recent past about good relationships with the federal government to the point where he claims that secession is not on his agenda.

There are also claims of joint cabinet meetings, guarantees of loans for major project undertakings, frequent travel to St. Kitts, smiling and handshaking photographs showing both leaders seemingly in sincere agreement. Apparently, the chickens are now coming home to roost and the old, all familiar cry of unfair treatment towards Nevis again raises its ugly head.  I applaud you premier Parry for your realization on this matter.

Nevis has proven to be a most intriguing place as our politicians often try to reinvent the wheel and while doing so retard whatever possible strides have been made towards progress for our independence.  Our relationship with St. Kitts that has been a sour point from since I’ve known myself is still no better today than it was five decades ago. This is mainly due to our own faults, shortsightedness, envy, jealousy, greed and possibly other devious and personal reasons.

It is not always necessary to bore readers with the history of the ill-fated relationship that exist between St. Kitts and Nevis. The names of Eugene Walwyn, Fred Parris, Ivor Stevens, Dr. Simeon Daniel and many more who fought vigorously for our independence, will always be reminders that genuine leaders with strong backbones are rare and extremely hard to be found.  Some retreated for various reasons, some were left holding the bag at critical times and the situation has remained unchanged, locked into worthless relationship with our big sister who clearly cares only for herself.

I must at this time give tremendous credit to former premier Vance Amory who has been our only leader to make a serious and definite attempt to end the relationship.  In 1998 he invoked clause 113 of our constitution that gave Nevisians the opportunity to secede from St. Kitts.  We failed in this attempt as our then opposition leader on Nevis and members of his team failed to support the worthy cause and ensured a narrow defeat.

Ten years after our independence quest failed, the tables have turned in Nevis’ leadership roles and it seems we have gone backwards beyond those years.  From July 2006, Nevisians are being told that independence for Nevis is off and the relationship between both islands is good and we should remain together as one federation.

Yet still, there was a call for seeking greater autonomy, the devolution of powers, various words and terms to replace what we already have enshrined in our constitution, clause 113.   What hypocrisy.

Premier Parry also boldly stated in his report the truth about crimes being perpetrated here on the island by individuals who subsequently return to St. Kitts.  With the addition of unsecured landing points created, one wonders the seriousness about cries to the federal government for more attention to be paid to Nevis.  True, security is a federal government responsibility but fact of the matter is that we have to arise off our laurels and do what it necessary for the benefit of our island. Secession is the only way or else we’ll be simply going around in circles.  Mr. Premier, we need to be serious.

Secession will not necessarily solve our current crime problems but it will certainly give us more control over our affairs and set a base for many more important issues.  The twenty three bullet proof vests that were handed over to Premier Parry by the Nevis Anti Crime Community Initiative Committee on Tuesday is evidence that local and outside groups are willing to fight crime while those who have that ultimate responsibility seem not to have it as their number one priority.

There are so many other benefits to be derived for an independent Nevis. However, it is mind-boggling that premier Parry who have lived a great part of our history and should know it well, still continue to hold on and be at the mercy of St. Kitts, rather than to take the high road to independence.  Being on our own will certainly enhance our stature and move our island forward with pride. Our true potential can only be realized when we become unshackled.

The time has come for our leaders to unite and set the stage for an independent Nevis. There is no need to blame the federal government for the lack of support in area that they have control, history has proven that mentality won’t change.

Premier Parry, it’s time to reassess and invoke clause 113. It’s time to take full control of our beloved island, the ball is in your hands.

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