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Another wonderful and successful day for the 2008 Inter-Primary School sports day here on Nevis.  The weather was great, the spectator turnout was tremendous, adequate security was in place, the competition was intense and the winner again for the fourth consecutive year was Charlestown. I am not presently aware of the other positions as the announcers failed to properly inform the public at the end of the program. However, Gingerland and St. Thomas’ were underway to being second and third, respectively.

Also known as the Mini-Olympics, this annual sports meet that is arguably the most interesting event on the island, has grown steadily over the years and is highly recognized even beyond the shores of Nevis.  It seems to be the only function that attracts a cross section of our population with full support for the event.  Of course, all five parishes are involved and the children are well supported by their parents, teachers, family, friends and others.

Gulf Insurance, the primary sponsor, has injected significant amounts into the event and to them we ought to be thankful.  Numerous others have also contributed significantly to make the event as meaningful and popular as it has been over the past 14 years.

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It has been amazing to see the talent on display over the years and this year is no exception.  Charlestown, who for a combination of reasons won the championship on most occasions, again displayed great athleticism, determination and character.  Their success cannot be taken lightly.  We must, however, truly enjoy and appreciate all who participated as each and every school, each and every one of these students, are winners.

The various teachers and sport officers also need to be highly congratulated.

The organizers and all involved in making the event this year flow as well as it did, did a great job. Having in excess of fifty races completed within the time it was done is commendable.  True, the lighting at Grove Park enabled a later than daylight finish and that too is well appreciated in so much that spectators willingly lingered around for some period of time after the event was completed.


I am also very pleased that the Charlestown Primary School students who usually spend the day after at Grove Park cleaning up endless pounds of trash, have not been there today.  The Education Department has seemingly engaged the staff that usually works at the ground to perform those duties and they have done a very good job.

Heartiest congratulations to all and continued success.  Let us hope the continuity will be realized and these athletes will go into the future making good use of the talent they possess.

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