Labour Overseas Voters Still Stranded LK Hewlett Story Updated: February 18th 2015 at 9:59 am
Hundreds of nationals living overseas whom the now-defeated Labour party brought in to vote in Monday’s elections remain stranded in St. Kitts. The Labour Party reportedly chartered up to 16 flights from the US and the Caribbean, bringing in more than 2000 persons. Many were due to return on Monday however The Observer understands a large number opted not to return as scheduled and thus several charter flights were canceled. Kittitian and Nevisian students studying in Barbados and Trinidad were reportedly among stranded voters. It was pandemonium on Tuesday as thousands packed into RLB Airport trying to return home. While some were successful, hundreds remained at the airport until late last night. One charter to New York’s JFK airport was cancelled due to TSA issues over uncertain passenger manifest. Up until Tuesday night approximately 300 were told to return today Wednesday. The Labour Party was not the only party that organized charters for overseas nationals. Team Unity’s charters returned to respective destinations on time, The Observer was reliably informed.