Lester Pleads Guilty of Cussing But With an Explanation

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By Jaedee Caines

The Observer

“I don’t wanna waste any time — None of your time and none a my time so leh we just get on wid di judgement  and move on wid dis  ting.”

Those were the words of the accused Lester Decastro to Magistrate Yasmine Clarke on last Tuesday at the Magistrate’s Court in Charlestown.

Decastro was charged with the use of indecent language on Oct. 31 at around 1 a.m.

The incident took place at the launch of MTV’s Tempo at Round Hill in Nevis.

The balif  asked a defiant Decastro, “Are you Lester ‘Decasta’?”

“No!  I ain no Lester ‘Decasta,’ I is Lester Decastro not no ‘Decasta,’ Lester Decastro,” he said.

“How do you plea guilty or not guilty?”

“Guilty but with an explanation!” said  Decastro.

Magistrate Clarke informed the defendant that there is no such plea and that he would be given a chance to explain himself when the time comes.

Decastro then made the plea of guilty.

According to Police Prosecutor Mills, of the Newcastle Police Station, an officer was on duty at the concert from about 3:00 p.m. on Oct. 30.

Mills  said the officer was casually dressed.

Mills told the court the officer overheard Decastro make use of indecent language.

She went over and identified herself as a police officer and told him to refrain from using such language.  He continued and was disrespectful to the officer.  Mills  said Decastro directed his explicit comments at the officer, which caused a scene.

Decastro in his testimony claimed that the lady never made eye contact or identified herself as an officer.

“I ain gon dis-respect no officer like dat, I never know she was an officer, she ain tell me nothing bout she is no officer,” Decastro said.  “My mother in the hospital and she sick so leh we just get on wid di ting, I just want di judgement to be over wit,” said Decastro.

Clarke asked the defendant where he resides and he informed her that he is normally back and forth between Tortola and Nevis but resides in Tortola.  The magistrate then ordered him to pay a fine of EC$500 to be paid in one month or spend the equivalent time in prison.

“Me no want you send no warrant for me, me no want no problem wid di law so I go pay di money,” said the relieved defendant.

He then told the judge that he was sorry for his actions and wants to apologise  to the officer who was in courtroom.

The officer identified herself and he apologised to her and she accepted.

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